Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.: Your system is designed for the ‘94-’96 Impala SS and Caprice, what other cars it will fit?
A.: The system will fit any ’91-’96 GM B-body with the LT1 or “baby” LT1. These vehicles are the Caprice, 9C1, Roadmaster, Fleetwood, and Impala.

Q.: I have electrical water pump on my car. Will it interfere with the Ram Air System?
A.: LT1 engines converted to electric water pumps will work with our system. Some heavy duty pumps are too long and may interfere with the ram air system though. Standard duty electric pumps provide ample cooling.

Q.: I have mechanical cooling fans on my car. Will it interfere with the Ram Air System?
A.: Our Ram Air System is designed to work only with the electric fan systems, since the mechanical fan belt drive will interfere with the Ram Air System’s placement. We recommend that you convert your car to the dual factory electric system. Many people have done this and it is a very simple conversion. This conversion will also allow the engine to produce more HP since there is no parasitic HP loss due to the mechanical system.

Q.: Would the water get through the system and into my engine?
A.: Normal driving in rain will not allow water into the engine. Water will naturally drain from the system and can not be pumped the system from the engine.

Q.: How much HP will I get using your system?
A.: Horsepower can be increased by decreasing the restriction of airflow to the vehicle’s engine. Typically, the OE stock air box and induction tube significantly restrict the airflow. On a stock engine HP gains are in the 20+hp range. Engines with more modifications will see more gains.

Q.: Will my gas mileage change by using your system?
A.: The U.S. Department of Energy states that “replacing a clogged air filter can improve your car’s gas mileage by as much as 10%.” According to the Department of Energy’s web site, this can equate to “up to $0.31 per gallon.” The Department of Energy is referring to replacing a clogged filter with another paper filter. By replacing a clogged filter with a clean filter, you’re making it easier for the air to travel through the filter. Since the engine is not working as hard to ingest the air, this translates into better fuel economy. The same is true when you replace the highly restrictive original intake system with our Ram Air System.

Q.: What filters do you use?
A.: A washable and reusable gauss type high-flow filter.

Q.: You ask to specify either stock or after market sway bar. What is the difference?
A. Aftermarket sway bars are larger in diameter than the factory bar, the mounting hardware we provide for each system is sized for the bar used on your car.

Q.: I currently have stock sway bar, but I am planning to put in aftermarket sway bar in a couple of month. Which system should I get?
A. You can inform us at the time of your order and we can include both types of mounting hardware in your kit when it is shipped.

Q.: Do you sell air intake systems for other types of cars/truck?
A.: Yes, we carry a complete line of factory replacement filters and cold air induction kits for most cars and trucks. If you don’t see your vehicle listed, please e-mail us for your application.