Complete C6 Corvette Cold Air System

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Specialized and integrated Full Ram Air Kits for the Corvette crafted with superior quality and craftsmanship.

Product Information

Corvette intake system:

Our Ram Air intakes are all about improving airflow to your Corvette’s engine. It’s just a matter of superior design. Better airflow translates into a noticeable increase in power, acceleration and most importantly…bragging rights.

Any power modifications (i.e., cylinder heads, camshaft, headers, exhaust, programming, etc.) that increases horsepower output demand the higher airflow capacity of the Ram Air intake.

Back it up with test results
Airflow test Results for the C6 Corvette flowed 35% more airflow than the original factory intake system. The chassis dyno tests indicated an increase of 15 rwhp on an otherwise-stock LS2.  The C6 Ls3 performance increased by 35 rwhp. All that by installing the Ram Air intake into a stock C6 coupe.

  • Washable, reusable filter is manufactured with five layers of premium cotton gauze to maximize airflow and filtration.
  • Exceptional CAD design streamlines airflow (laminar flow) and reduces turbulence, allowing the engine to ingest more air, increasing horsepower.
  • Custom high-performance plenum isolates the intake track from engine heat, drawing in cooler outside air to boost engine performance.
  • Simple to install, all OEM engine management sensors and actuators remain in place.
  • OEM-grade polymer remains unaffected by under-hood temperatures.
  • Premium stainless steel quality hardware used throughout for extended durability.
  • A typical 25+ HP gain over factory intake in real world driving conditions.